Overtongue (2020)

picture: Eli Firmeza

Ventriloquist of a world in despair

I speak what has already been said

Living in an echo chamber

I repeat

Tongues in ruin

Ears in trance

Dissociative bilabial exercise

Is it useful to invent words if they can’t be repeated?

Every crisis is excess

In this solo, Michelle Moura composes body landscapes marked by the mechanic, the alienated and the grotesque. With a reduced vocabulary of sounds and movements, physical and vocal dissociations serve as matter for transfiguration, turning the familiar into the uncanny.

Overtongue is either a promise of the disintegration of statements, or a graveyard of intentions.

video still

Creation and performance: Michelle Moura

Dramaturgical collaboration: Maikon K

Sound: Kaj Duncan David

Light: Nadja Naira

Advice: Alejandro Ahmed

Costume: Faetusa Tirzah

Space: Fernando Marés

Executive production (Brazil): Greice Barros (Núcleo Produções Cultura e Desenvolvimento)

Residencies: Fabrik Postdam (DE), STUK (BE)

Co-production: CND Pantin (FR), Something Great (DE), Vooruit (BE) 

Support: Copel

Project carried out with the support of Programa Estadual de Fomento e Incentivo á Cultura/Profice – Secretaria de Estado da Cultura – Governo do Estado do Paraná

International distribution: Something Great


13.03.2020 – Centro Cultural São Paulo, Brazil.

12.03.2020 – Centro Cultural São Paulo, Brazil.

03 – 08.03.2020 – Alfaiataria, Curitiba, Brazil

collage: Manuela Eichner

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